Faces #2 – BrukRode

Gavin Skitt aka Skitty does not need any introduction. After a long time ripping dancefloors a part under the Foundation X flag, the producer from Wolverhampton started a new project: l:angs, which first release will be out on May the 19th. He will be representing in Berlin on the 23rd of May and recorded a podcast for us. Chat.

What were your early musical influences?

My mother was always playing reggae/lovers rock around the house. For a section of 1991/92 i was into abit of Rotterdam techno, then came the hardcore scene. I still find 1993 and 1994 majorly inspiring no matter what genre of music I am making.

How did you get involved with DnB at the first place? Any good memories you want to share with us?

Well besides the years and years of hard work and dedication trying to establish myself on both a local and international level, i got involved with the scene through making music and sending it to all the people i rated, overtime you build strong relationships with those people and things begin to manifest. Memories! oooph, it’s all one big blur to be honest but i’ve shared good times with many people around the world, and continue to build on these memories with each trip, and no doubt Berlin will add to that.

What is the idea behind l:angs? I’m sensing some influence from the likes of Woolford, Tessela, Karenn…?

l:angs is me finally creating my own platform for my other non-D&B productions. Its mainly for Techno ish vibes, which if you check the sound-cloud, already goes from UK housey/bassy type stuff, right through to straight up steel toe cap distorted gabba deathcore haha. Influences come from right across the board, to me when I listen to the tunes I’ve been lucky enough to sign, it’s just all the same elements I like in drum n bass and other genres,rolled into one. I think the defining moment personally, was being in the moat at Dimensions festival. Pangea, Mike Dehnert,Surgeon, was when the penny dropped, hearing techno in that environment was mind blowing.

Let’s not forget the roots, anything coming up on Foundation X we should keep an eye on?

Foundation X recently released music from J.robinson, and Dj Fox which were both great releases. Next up will be a new ep from myself, Also a brand new artist from wales who has done 2 killers out of nowhere. im also looking for someone who may like to help out with the running of the label, i dont always have the time to dedicate to it but anyone intrested in helping out just fire me an email skitty1980@hotmail.com

Any other projects you would like to share with us?

I’ve got a release forthcoming on BTK’s Dutty Audio label set to drop anytime soon. And the first release on l:angs is a 4 track BrukRode EP out in all good digital stores 19th May.